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"…but soil is a refuge for dispersed seeds."

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The Snapshot

I sit in the small sliver of shade that my house provides as an escape from the midday sun. Six boys play unsupervised to my right, ranging in age from two to eight. They alternate between rough housing, actually fighting, … Continue reading

The Introduction to the Life and Times of Bougourie Diarra

Fifteen years ago, for reasons yet unknown, some of the people of S Village decided to relocate 2 kilometers to the South. They named their new village after the old, thus creating S Old and S New. The old village … Continue reading

Mali la

I have made it to Mali. It’s very surreal. I started questioning myself as we landed in Bamako, but the instant I got off the plane, the smells, the air, the sounds: it was unmistakably Mali.


After a rushed few weeks full of friends, family, packing, and goodbyes, I finally became a Peace Corps Trainee. My last few days in Chicago consisted of final purchases, packing, and a lovely going away party thanks to Muffin Pie, … Continue reading

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    I am a Peace Corps Volunteer working in Mali for two years promoting sustainable agriculture and environment development.

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    Christina Scheller
    B.P. 02
    San, Mali

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